Lisa Stockhammer, President & Owner, is the creative force behind The Three Graces. An expert on antique and period jewelry, she is a historian and lecturer on the subject. Responsible for selecting every piece of jewelry represented, her discerning eye and impeccable taste are expressed in every offering. As diverse as every jewel and unique as each client, her roles are many. From directing the look, feel, and navigation of the website, to traveling on major buying extravaganzas, or keeping in touch with most clients including answering as many first inquiries, emails, and telephone calls as possible, her passion is evident. Read her full bio here.

With an exacting eye and a passion for honing every jewelry image and perfecting it to its best, Zachary Mial is our Media Director. Husband of our owner, he is the direct descendant of two art photographers - thus visual impact and imagery is never far from his thoughts. His background ranges from head of sales for a commercial architectural steel company to using his masterful skills as a carpenter for fine homes. At the office, his nickname is “MacGuyver” as he has a genius for restructuring our complex photographic setup from a score of seemingly simple hardware purchases. When he is not buried in a photography catalog in search of the perfect tripod, he wears the hat of lending his talents to sales and marketing and traveling on our extensive buying trips. Astounding in his sheer endurance, he is a two-time finisher of the Texas Water Safari, a marathon canoe race considered (by the New York Times and other publications) to be the toughest river race in the world.

Special thanks to our amazing website development team, Resolve Digital. As a small business, it is important to know that they care about our success and realize how crucial it is to remain up and working, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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