Clients and visitors share their thoughts & experiences, posted here unedited.

The bracelet is beyond breathtaking. It never ceases to amaze me how every lovely piece of antique jewelry from The Three Graces is so immaculate and ageless. This bracelet, along with the other lucky pieces I’ve obtained over the years, doesn’t look like it’s around 170 years old. Someone obviously loved this bracelet and now, it’s my turn to love and care for it.

Thank you so much for the work you do, it obviously shows in the quality and variety of what’s offered by The Three Graces. Every time some one asks about the jewelry I’m wearing, I always tell them The Three Graces and give them your web address. One day, if I’m lucky, I’d love to see your showcase in Texas.

I’ve never had any issues with any of the jewelry from you and each piece is as beautiful and shiny if they were brand new. I eagerly await for the next piece that catches my eye! 10/31/18 M.G., Middletown, DE.

Thank you for your help with this return. I am impressed by and grateful for The Three Graces' thoughtful customer service and beautiful product. Congratulations on 15 years in business and here's to at least 15 more years! 08/04/17 Carrie B., Boise, ID.

I received my ring today and it is so beautiful. The ring fits perfect and I could not be more pleased. Thank you all again for all you do to make shopping with you such a pleasure. 07/31/17 Shelly D., Kenton, OH.

The most beautiful ring arrived today ! I am so absolutely happy with my decision and I thank you very much for the kind and very professional way, my order was taken care of. Everything was perfect and you now have a new, very thrilled customer. I will definitely order at The Three Graces again!! 4/18/17 Sabine D., Munich, Germany.

I picked up my “Goblet of Wine” ring yesterday (thankfully before the “end of the world as we know it” storm arrived and shut everything down) and it is perfect. Absolutely perfect. The stone and the setting are both gorgeous - so simple and elegant – and the size and proportion are just right on my finger. I love it. Thank you for the excellent customer service and congenial interaction. Again, many thanks. I look forward to watching your site for future additions to my collection. 3/14/17 Kate H., West Chester, PA.

I just wanted to let you all know that I received the garnet ring today, and it’s lovely! I’m very happy with it and look forward to wearing it. It’s sort of my birthday gift to myself. So, mark it sold! “Cause it’s a keeper! I have your site bookmarked at the top of my browser bar and check it every day, and will keep doing so. I’ll also be telling my friends about your site and beautiful jewelry. Thank you very much, and Happy Holidays! 12/5/16 Cecelia D., Chatanooga, TN.

I must say, this has been one of the best guest services experiences. While this ring did not work out, I will definitely be looking again and recommending Three Graces. The service was unparalleled. 12/1/16 Angie N., Austin, Tx.

I have bought several rings from this company, both for me and for my daughter, and we have been delighted with all of them. Customer service is incredibly good, beyond reasonable expectations. I had a mishap with one of my rings several months after purchase, and the company took care of the repair, making it even better than before, at no cost to me. I trust this company and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone seeking beautiful, top quality jewelry. 10/23/16 Martha J., Marquette, MI.

Every once in a while you stumble upon a website that provides an extraordinary product and incredible customer service. I was searching for a piece of Victorian jewelry. I searched many websites but this site had the best selection and was the best organized, easiest to use, and ask questions. In fact, the whole customer experience from start to finish was absolutely flawless and surpassed any I have ever had before online by far and also surpassed the customer support that I received in stores at places like Bergdorf Goodman and Cartier - and I have had very good experiences at both of those stores. I do not know how you can possibly offer the personalized level of service that I received to all of your customers, but it was just amazing. I will be back on your site and I will tell everyone I know. 10/16/16 Janet O., Stockholm, NJ.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the ring. You and your jeweler did a marvelous job - I can't imagine loving the original more than I love this. Thank you both so much for all the hard work and the care you both put into it. I know it was a huge challenge and I am very appreciative of all your efforts. I am impressed by the amount of effort and detail you put into this given the innumerable details you must be dealing with every day. 7/6/16 Shawna W., MA.

I can't thank you enough for all the work you have put into these two custom rings. You always carry beautiful jewelry, you have a great eye for it, so there was no one else I could go to to get something like this accomplished. I thank you also for your persistence in finding the right sapphire for my ring. I know it's going to be a sight to behold. 6/22/16 Jackie M., Sioux Falls, SD.

Thank you so much!!! This whole experience has been wonderful! I will definitely be a return customer!!! I'll keep you all in mind for the wedding bands :) 6/28/16 M.M., Knoxville, TN.

WOW. MY RING IS BEAUTIFUL. I was planting flowers and almost didn't have the patience to scrub the soil off my hands before opening. Thank you very much for the stellar work and also your patience in dealing with me. I appreciate it. Honestly, I know very little the 4 C's in selecting a diamond; however I do know the center stone of my new ring looks quite large. I had no idea that moving up from a 1.07 carat diamond to almost a 1 ½ carat would show so differently. I love it. Thank you and I also am indebted to your talented jeweler for crafting the perfect ring for me. 04/28/16 Kathy C., Bakersfield, CA.

I just picked up my package at the UPS store, and wow, all of the pieces look amazing!!! The ring is absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to give the other items to my mom and daughter. Thank you so much for your help throughout this process. I'll certainly keep an eye on your web site going forward, and am glad to have found you! 04/10/16 Julie B., Hopkinton, MA.

We were so pleased to know that all the offerings are gemologist reviewed and tested as well as vetted by an antique jewelry expert. There is nothing I can recommend you do better from a service perspective. Your site is wonderful as is your service and the delivery of the beautiful rings. Also, your email was also very nice to receive, well done. Thanks again, it was a true pleasure working with you. We would have selected one of the rings if my son had not preferred another one that came through a friend of my cousin (who is a gemologist). The return of all the rings was easy and quick. 03/10/16 Jeanne H., Petaluma, CA.

When I occasionally call The Three Graces I want to announce myself as your “East Tennessee Hillbilly Cousin” because I view all of the staff as my family. Why do I view these people as family even though we have never met in person? It is basically because I totally identify with them. You do not receive a voicemail with innumerable options at the end of which you are repeatedly yelling for a representative. The phone is answered by an informed person who deduces your needs and budget and tries to suggest inventory on hand. In addition, special needs not currently in inventory may be sought on buying trips. At 70 years of age, I had thought that customer service, which I had known at an earlier age, no longer existed. The Three Graces has proven me wrong. There remains at least one company who truly understands the customer’s needs with a committed desire to please. 01/20/16 James M., Knoxville, TN.

Salutations, I simply wanted to convey that the garnet ring I purchased is more brilliant then any of the photographs could have foretold. It is the personification of the mens ring I have always wanted-it also fits my pinky perfectly! Thank you. 10/30/15 Andrew P., San Jose, Califoria.

I thought that your service was wonderful. The necklace was ordered online and shipped quickly and the return process went very smoothly. Your no questions return policy was the incentive for me ordering and taking a chance on liking the necklace. I did purchase a beautiful pair of earrings from the Three Graces this summer and really have enjoyed them. I am sure that I will find another treasure in the future. 10/12/2015 Susan W., Vero Beach, Florida

This is the first time I have bought "real" jewelry online and to have made this purchase, entrusted by my siblings, to be sent to our sister in New York was a huge leap of faith. However, the professional and prompt manner in which my inquiries were dealt soon melted away any concerns. Three Graces was most accommodating in the timing of the delivery, the flexibility in allowing no obligation viewing of the item by my sister (we are yet to see this pendant, although my sister's reaction leaves us all in no doubt it was a great choice) and even went so far as to add a personalized birthday card to her gift at my request. The experience was worry- free and we are very grateful to Three Graces. My sister is now a fan of the website. 8/18/2015 Carol I., Adelaide, Australia.

The ring just arrived and vivid it is. Thank you! This is perfect. I wanted also to thank you for your beautiful ordering process, everyone has been nice and courteous, the shipping went fast and smoothly. I will keep my eye open for future treasures. 6/24/2015 Marie M. Uusima. Finland

I wanted you to know that the ring arrived and it’s just stunning! I simply love it and am thrilled to now be the proud owner. I am so impressed with how easy this process was and appreciate your professionalism and letting me know what was happening every step of the way. Best Mother’s Day and 60th birthday gift ever for me and I will certainly pass along your website to others who admire my ring of which I suspect there will be many. Many thanks and much aloha your way. 5/8/2015 Joanie M. Kula, HI.

The ring arrived yesterday and we are absolutely thrilled! It is perfect as a wedding ring and is everything you described and more. The opal fire and the surrounding diamonds were a perfect setting and really sparkled. The sizing was perfect. I was a little reluctant to buy such a special item over the internet but I want to thank you and your staff for your first class service and attention. Best wishes for your continued success. Thank you again. 5/7/2015 Kenneth G. Roseville, CA.

I'd like to thank Three Graces for all of the excellent customer service you've given to me and my fiancé. You made the process of getting the necessary repairs we needed to my BEAUTIFUL engagement ring easy and worry-free. I received my ring back just last night, it looks WONDERFUL...very happy with the repairs. Thank you for everything. 4/3/2015 Nicole P. New Buffalo, MI

Thank you all so much for getting my "Chic Engagement Ring" to me. The task of picking out my own ring was so daunting, and I was so excited to have found it! You all made it so easy to order, put up with my (and I suspect, my fiance's) relentless "where is it?" (not that it took too long, I was just excited) & just made the whole process so easy. After all was said and done, I received my ring and it is PERFECT. Just perfect. 3/17/15 Dori K. CA.

The ring was just delivered. It's beautiful. My wife and I are very pleased. Thank you for your excellent service in purchasing this ring. 2/17/25 Robert O. Brooklyn, NY.

The fabulous deco earrings have found a new home. I am looking forward to wearing them next month on our Asian cruise. Thank you again for your wonderful taste, staff and service. Happy New Year to all. 1/16/15 Judith M. Carmel, CA.

Well I proposed on New Year's Day and she accepted. Had to show a picture of the ring on my tablet but she absolutely loved it. Just so you know I looked at hundreds of vintage rings on line and initially narrowed it to 8 rings of which 7 were from your site! The quality of selection was exceptional. Even if I had a bigger budget I think I would have still picked this ring because it is so unique, simple and elegant. Thank you and your staff. 1/3/15 Ken G. , Roseville, CA.

Dear Lisa and Peggy, Thank you! The ring is gorgeous. It’s also insanely noticeable, as you said. Too funny. I can’t wait to wear it! Many thanks for all your help with this ring and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Janet C, Philadelphia 7/29/2014

My earrings arrived the other day and they are wonderful! I have looked for the perfect pair of Victorian onyx earrings and I truly found them at The Three Graces. They were packaged beautifully, it made them extra special, thank you for your excellent customer service and attention. I could not have asked for a more professional, courteous, positive experience. When I'm purchasing jewelry sight unseen at any distance, especially online Internationally, it's invaluable to have the high level of customer care and competency you provided from beginning to end of the transaction and I couldn't be happier with my earrings, they are perfection. I'll be purchasing in the future most certainly! Kind regards, Naomi C, Calgary, Canada 07/2/14

The necklace has arrived and it is beautiful, I am sure my daughter will adore it. Many thanks for your prompt, courteous service, I shall certainly be recommending you to people as a go to source for wonderful jewelry kind regards,Robyn J,Wingham, Australia 6/26/14

Thank you very much for your quick reply to my request. You and Lisa have been absolutely wonderful in this process and I truly appreciate the service and communication that you have provided me during this purchase. I am more than thrilled with my necklace. It is an absolute treasure and I thank you for connecting me with such a beautiful piece of Edwardian jewelry. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Stacey C, Studio City, CA 05/20/14

Hi Rhonda and Lisa, I just wanted to say thanks again for assisting me with purchasing and getting the jubilee ring sized recently. My new fiancé Alex is very happy with it and it fits her perfectly now it's been sized. Buying something like this online obviously has its concerns but Three Graces made me feel very comfortable buying the ring knowing that I could return it with ease. Obviously I didn't need to but it's good to know I had the option :) Thanks again! Mark R, Norfolk, VA 3/12/14

On another note I want to tell you that I have been a very serious follower of your jewelry. For at least 6 or 7 years I have been visiting your site and educating myself on beautiful jewelry through the ages. You have a wonderful website and I thank you for sharing all these beautiful pieces with all of us. I have been tempted by some of your pieces when the Canadian $ was equal to the US$. Things have changed drastically in the past few weeks. Our $ is now under .90c. So I pray that things will look better in a few months. Till then take very good care, Christiane B. Montreal, Canada 3/4/14

Hello Lisa, Rhonda and Everyone else at the Three Graces, The ring arrived today and it looks just wonderful. I wanted to pass on my thanks and to compliment you all on having such splendid and personal customer service. It is no surprise you are now celebrating your 11th year in business and I hope there are many more to come. Jubilantly, Nicholas M, Secret Harbour, Australia 2/3/14

Lisa, Rhonda and The Three Graces, Thank you for the delightful shopping experience, personal consult, etc. My ring arrived yesterday and we are very happy with this special selection.. ... As you know, it is a celebration of our wedding anniversary. money & things certainly don't buy happiness, but a little sparkle can serve to remind us that, "love is all we need". Thank you. Warren and Thia S. 1/11/2014

Thank you very much for your hard work, dedication and attention to detail while working with me on my order. In particular, the fact that you took time from a busy holiday, Thanksgiving, to help is greatly appreciated. The entire process, from browsing your selection online, to purchasing and shipping was made very easy and hassle free on my end, and there was never any worry or doubt that my experience was going to be anything less than perfect. Please send my particular regards to Ms. Rhonda Farmer, who helped me with shipping, and was very kind and courteous at all times. To all of you at The Three Graces: thank you and bravo! Please give my personal thanks and praise to each and every person there, so that they know how much I truly appreciate them all. Wishing you the joy of the holidays, and all the blessings that come with the closing of the year. Warmest Regards, Seth C., South Euclid, OH 12/6/13

Just to let you know that the fabulous ring arrived this morning. I am so pleased with it – and it fits my index finger perfectly, so meant to be. I have always wanted a rock crystal ring cut out of crystal ever since I saw one with a huge diamond in it! Also thank you for sending it so promptly and wrapped so beautifully! I shall certainly keep a watch on the Three Graces website for other pieces (do let me know if you ever get any more Art Deco rock crystal rings). With all best wishes, Christine F, Glouchestershire, UK 10/28/13

I am Chris' fiancé and we received the ring last night. I wanted to email to say thank you for your service. I have never dealt with a company that has been so professional, helpful and friendly. Chris said that dealing with you has been so easy, right from the very beginning. It is a beautiful ring and I feel very blessed. Thanks again, Shannon C., Melbourne, Australia 10/16/13

The ring came back and was absolutely amazing. I cannot thank you guys enough! You made what I thought was going to be a stressful thing simple and stress free. We have been talking you guys up like crazy to our friends and family, especially your customer service. I wish you all the best, and good luck in your business ventures. Thanks, Chris C., Searcy, AZ, 9/19/13

The ring arrived this afternoon and you are right: I adore it! The packaging is beautiful, too. Your service is stellar! Thank you, Kerstin G, Sudbury, MA 8/6/13

The pendant is stunning. I may never take it off. Sincerely, Jane C, Raleigh, NC 5/31/13

I love my new earrings! I purchased them for an event I am attending in May so I am sure I will get tons of compliments. Thank you again for your sweet follow up email. I am looking forward to shopping with you again. Oh and Congrats on the editorial press you received in this month’s Vogue. In case you did not know, Cary Mulligan was wearing a necklace of yours as a headpiece. Best, Kim R, New York NY 5/7/13

Just wanted to send a quick thank you note. I knew that I wanted something unique and you guys delivered. The website contained information and details needed to make my decision easier. On top of it you had a guarantee so the risk of shopping online was minimal. The story behind your company closed the deal on the purchase. I was surprised at the quick turnaround and delivery. Our moment was as unique as the ring. Thanks for your follow-up through the entire process. We are definitely enjoying it. Katy H, Dallas, TX 5/6/13

Thanks so much! What DOES one get as an engagement ring for a woman who is as modern as you can get (with a degree in Programming), but deeply appreciates things Art Deco? (For her last birthday we went to the Vancouver Museum to see their Art Deco Chic exhibit (http://www.museumofvancouver.ca/exhibitions/exhibit/art-deco-chic) In the the past one would (and I have) travel to the closest local jewelers and hope to find something that would fit the sensibilities and quality of the lady to a best guess. Once I found your website, a weight of worry fell from my mind. The result? "I really don't think you could have found a better ring for me. I Love it." Thanks again to you and your staff. Eric, W., Washington State, 4/19/13

Dear Ladies, I love my ring! It is just beautiful and exactly as it looked in the pictures. The size was perfect and I slipped it right on, and there it has stayed. Thank you very much for everything. I am certain to do business with you again. You have fabulous things and everything about this transaction has been most excellent. Aloha, Hillery G, Honoka’a, HI 04/17/13

I wanted to let you know the ring was delivered today. It is absolutely beautiful. And yes, Jill had a sneak peek before I asked her the big question. The customer service I received from you and your company has been outstanding. You have been in constant communication since I placed the original order. It is refreshing to receive such quality customer care. Thank you for both the beautiful antique ring and the attention to detail you provided along the way. Thanks, Eric L, Julian, PA 3/21/13

My ring arrived the day it was expected and even arrived hours early! It is absolutely gorgeous! After sporting a quite large and in charge traditional diamond wedding set, I feel so much happier with this unique Edwardian blue zircon ring. It is as if there is a piece of history with me at all times. For my husband and I it represents where we are now in life and what we value. I look forward to passing it on to my daughter someday. She did help pick it out at only one year old! :) Carlie C, Woodstock, GA 3/8/13

The Ring has been delivered and it is absolutely outstanding, even better than expected!!! Truly appreciate the great customer service from both you and the team, simply outstanding and hassle free. I will definitely spread the good word to others who might be dropping the knee too. Thanks again! Nic D, Caulfield North, Australia 2/26/13

The wonderful amethyst ring arrived yesterday. As you said, it is fabulous; purple indeed! The gold and rose gold forget- me-nots add to it's charm. As with every ring we've purchased from you, no matter how beautiful it looks on-line, it always looks better in person. I love it. Thanks again. Vickie B, Christoval, TX 03/06/13

Thank you so much for making this special time an enjoyable, hassle-free affair with The Three Graces. My fiancée absolutely adores her ring and all her friends couldn't believe the details! Very grateful for your service and this new time in life, Paul C, Chicago, IL 02/27/13

I recently purchased two items from The Three Graces and I couldn't have been more pleased. Aside from the earrings and pendant I fell in love with, the entire selection on this website is gorgeous and well priced. The packaging went hand-in-hand with the items...beautiful and very professional. I have looked at many antique and estate jewelry websites and The Three Graces is top notch. I will continue to do business with them, and I encourage others to do the same. Sharon P, Hayward, CA 02/18/13

Thank you so very much - I am thrilled with my purchase - it is stunning and a few of the girls at my work are now looking at your site and they also have commented on the beautiful pieces you have. Your service was outstanding and I will certainly continue looking at your site for all future special items as I love antique jewellery as it is far superior to all modern items. Thank you Regards, Kate M, Beauty Point, Tasmania, Australia 02/08/13

I received the package in good condition, and proposed to my girlfriend with it this morning. She said yes, and adores the ring, so we will definitely be keeping it. It truly is a beautiful ring, especially in natural light.
Thanks again, Peter A., Sydney, Australia 2/7/13

My pendant arrived today. I love, love, love it! (As does everyone else in my office!) And it's presentation, the box with the ribbon tied lid, was beautiful too. I have noticed you add new items everyday—and that the item featured on your home page changes all the time. At least once per day I jump over to your site to check out what's been added. I have a link to "The Three Graces" on my favorite bar. :) thank you so much! Katy Z, Virginia Beach, VA 01/30/13

Thank you for your help in this process. I've already told several people how great you have been to work with, even after I have decided to return for refund. Matt L, Mansfield, TX 12/27/12

My ring arrived safely, and it is of no surprise to me that it is even far more beautiful in person than it appeared in the photos. I am exceedingly happy with it, just as I have been with all my Three Graces purchases, and it is my favorite purchase from Lisa to date. Simply stunning! The Three Graces is the only company I would ever choose to purchase an antique or vintage piece from. I always feel completely at ease with every transaction, between Lisa's expertise and discerning eye, the safe manner in which my valuable purchases are shipped, the outstanding customer care, and her friendly, professional staff. The Three Graces should be a model for all businesses to follow! Kristin J.C., Somerset, MA. 12/18/12

I have been collecting antique fobs and pendants for many years. I am also a veterinarian. I happened upon the Three Graces website and the first item I saw was a beautiful image of a gold dog's-head pendant with amazing detail. It was meant to be! The email exchange was swift and friendly, phone service excellent. In two days my pendant arrived and now I can't take it off. I love to visit the Three Graces site...easy to navigate, excellent presentation of all items and best of all, this is a lush collection of quality vintage jewelry. Antique jewelry is often better quality than what is available today, and each piece carries a rich history giving fertile ground to imagine all the hands that have held and cherished each item. I fear I will become a loyal patron of this site! Thanks again for your friendly service (and my lovely canine companion). Laurie M., Moss Beach, CA. 12/15/12

I picked my ring up yesterday at FedEx - it's beautiful! The sapphires are a perfect shade of blue, the seed pearls are so beautiful, and the whole ring is just so delicate and carefully crafted. I love it. Thank you so much, it's found a good home with me! Best Regards, Donna V., Reston, VA 6/27/12

I absolutely love my new ring. The picture on the website very accurately depicted the ring. Thanks so much for your great service as well. I look forward to finding another treasure. And yes please add me to the mailing list. Alison W, Baton Rouge, LA, 6/6/12

In regards to the European Sapphire ring, she loved it! Could not stop talking about it and telling me how beautiful it was, and it fit perfectly. I, of course, was a 1/4 of the way around the world and giving to her over the phone. It was such a wonderful pleasure to work with you and your staff over the period of about a month or so. I would recommend you highly to anyone looking for a special piece. Thank you for helping me make May 11 special all over again. Sincerely, Robert M, Frankfurt Germany, 5/16/12

The ring was perfect. She absolutely loves it! The pictures and description provided on the website are the best around. The pictures and description provided me everything I need to know to make an informed decision. The personal attention after the order was placed exceed my expectations. Thanks so much for providing a great place on the web to buy quality antique jewelry. David H, Baton Rouge, LA 3/19/12

I just wanted to let you know that I received my necklace yesterday and wore it today. I absolutely love it and will treasure it always! Thanks so much for all the care and time you put into this for me - I won't forget it and look forward to being a customer again to the Three Graces! Tara A, Evergreen, CO 2/29/12

I received my ring yesterday and it is gorgeous. The online pictures did not do it justice. Couldn't be happier. Thank you so much! Megan B, Bellingham, WA 2/29/12

The moonstone pendant arrived today. It is more gorgeous than it could possibly be depicted in the photographs of it on your website. It is truly beautiful, and I will be honored to wear such a beautiful creation. Thanks again. Suzy Z., Redwood City, CA 02/23/12

I am in love with my ring. It is exactly what I have spent several months searching for to wear as my wedding band. It is lovely and fits beautifully. Your photograph pictured it perfectly and I was happy to see that is was even more beautiful in person. Your service has been excellent as was the swiftness of delivery. I ordered the ring on a Tuesday and I received it that Friday. It made my weekend! I will recommend your site to friends and family and I plan to revisit frequently myself. Lezlie C., Chicago, IL 2/21/12

Received the necklace and I'm beside myself. It is even more exquisite in person than in the excellent photos on the shop's website. Please let Lisa know that I so appreciate everything about the shop - from the fabulous taste to the unique pieces to the wonderful service. Many thanks. Jan, Maryland 02/20/12

Thank you for taking such good care of me! The ring is exquisite. The photographs couldn't do it justice. I don't purchase jewelry too often, but I will promise you this, your organization will be my first and hopefully only choice from this time forward. I have NEVER been as completely thrilled with a purchase as I am with this one. Even the box, a small thing I know, shows attention to detail and a desire to provide outstanding customer service. You have no idea how much I appreciate your quick shipping, excellent selection, and attention to my shipping needs. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Mike M, Arlington, TX 2/3/12

I received the bracelet and it's perfect, the wrapping and box are very nice! Thank you and Lisa for everything. I will continue to visit the The Three Graces to shop! Maria M., Henderson, NV, 2/1/12

My new ring was delivered yesterday much to my delight. I couldn't be happier with it. The spessartite looks as if it is on fire! I can't help staring at it constantly! Thank you, again. Vickie B., Christobal, TX 1/30/12

I just received my BEAUTIFUL ring. It is more gorgeous than it's photos and it FITS perfectly! The packaging is really awesome......THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH - I WILL ENJOY THIS FOR YEARS AND YEARS TO COME. IT IS PLEASURE TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU! Judy B, Dallas, GA 1/25/12

I received my ring today and it is everything I expected and more! I absolutely love it!! Thank you for putting the rush on it and for keeping me notified throughout this whole process. I will be referring everyone to you. Again thank you for the excellent service! I cannot wait to give it to my fiancé : ) Christina R, Lombard, IL 1/12/12

The package containing my beautiful ring did arrive safely and I am very happy with it. I will be keeping it. Purchasing from The Three Graces has been a wonderful experience. I feel like I know ya'll personally. The information given to me about when my package would arrive was so helpful. Thank you so much for the personal attention you gave to me. I will be writing a review for your website and I plan to purchase from you again in the future. Again, thank you for the kind and personal attention you gave to me.
Sharon B., Lexington, SC 1/4/12

The bracelet arrived today and it is even much more beautiful than in the photo. Thank you. Robin C., Palo Alto, CA 1/2/12

The fiancé loves her ring and I am very satisfied with it. I've got nothing but good to say about your Company and have recommended it to friends - I'm still checking myself daily to see what new and interesting things you get in! Darren H, Kamloops, Canada 12/27/11

The ring has arrived! It is absolutely gorgeous and looks as though it was made for me. The sizing is perfect. I plan on showing it off this holiday season. I am so very pleased......thank you. Nancy B, Burgettstown, PA 12/15/11

Thank you so much for my beautiful ring. I think this is the prettiest piece of jewelry I've ever owned. I have had a very difficult past couple of years and this ring represents the trial and how God held me through this difficult time. God bless you for your great service and beautiful jewelry that blesses people. As you may know the bible talks about heaven having gems all over the place hence the pearly gates! Jane P., Wilton, CT 12/6/11

I received the ring as scheduled and was really pleased with how it looks after the sizing. We were both really glad to see it on my fiancé's finger again! It looks beautiful on her. Thanks for making my experience with Three Graces such a good one. Maybe we'll do business again in the future for an anniversary or other occasion. I've already checked the site for a future wedding band to go with it :) Rickey M, Louisville, KY 12/16/11

Thank you again for all of your time and extra effort. You really care about your jewelry; it's obvious. I've shown the "hair" ring around and people are fascinated. I have passed on your website as well. I have to say I have considered writing a tale (I write novels--wish it were my real job) based on this ring where the recipient begins to see things back in that time period whenever the ring is worn or perhaps becomes involved in what led up to the dead girl's demise as if a fly on the wall back in 1799... Well, a good story is hard to pass up. We can only imagine who this lady was. I am honored to have a piece of jewelry history. Patricia G., Riverside, CA 12/2/11

Thank you so much for your interest in my acquisition from The Three Graces. My husband and I unwrapped the package to find a gorgeous box, which contained the most beautiful golden band, which yes, is everything I was hoping for and more. When I held the band in my hand, I raced upstairs to my jewelry box and retrieved my Grandmother's engagement ring. My Grandmother's engagement ring is approximately 120 years old and maybe more, as this is the date I could estimate my Grandmother received it. That engagement ring fits perfectly with my newly acquired band and will make our renewal of vows (in a church this time) complete. Thank you for making this dream come true. Helen B., Santa Ana, CA 12/01/11

I have the ring now, and I want to let you know that it is absolutely gorgeous! Just as I had expected and even more! Thank you for everything. The ring is beautiful. Justin E., Austin, TX 11/09/11

I just want to send all of you at The Three Graces a short message to let you know that I am in all regards most satisfied with the engagement ring I purchased from you. Service was friendly and helpful though out the process, and you easily answered all my questions and requests. The ring itself looked even more splendid in real life, and both me and (most important) my fiancée are very happy with it. Thank you for making one of the most important moments in our lives possible. Fredrik F., Linkoping, Sweden 11/7/2011

I'm enjoying the ring so much. It's really wonderful to have such a special piece of history! I'll be sure to keep checking back to see what wonderful Georgian treasures you have. Noelle M., Callaway, VA 11/2/2011

My ring arrived today and I can't stop staring at it. It is absolutely stunning! I love it. I couldn't be happier with my ring or the service I have received with you. Thank you. Debra K, Coupeville, WA 10/21/2011

The ring arrived this morning, and it is perfect. Thank you. And please tell Lisa thank you for me as well.
Scott D., San Antonio, TX 10/20/2011

The jewellery was delivered today and I am very happy with both the bracelet and ring set. The ring set looks better in real life than in the photo. They are absolutely breathtaking. The bracelet with its detail has been admired by my friends who have seen it. I am so happy I found the Three Graces all the way from Australia. Dianna N., Sydney, Australia, 10/14/2011

I just wanted you to know my exquisite earrings arrived today safe and sound...and the tears of joy are flowing! I am so thrilled with them. They are such a beautiful shape and size, making them look especially like fine, antique diamond earrings. Kudos also to the expert conversion to pierced earrings...perfect. I love receiving my beautiful packaged items from you--like a wonderful gift (that I unfortunately have to pay for myself LOL) but it's a thrill opening it just the same. As always, it's a pleasure dealing with you. Until the next time... Robin D, NY, New York 10/13/2011

I picked up my tiny rock crystal heart yesterday at FedEx and it is so gorgeous! The packing and packaging were impressive! It was great fun to open and when I finally opened the bubble wrap that surrounded the precious locket, it was like opening a tiny treasure. I want to thank you for such wonderful customer service, and look forward to purchasing from The Three Graces again. Amy B., Nashville, TN 10/4/2011

The gift wrapping was beautiful and I love the locket. I just wanted to advise that my order has been received. Thank you for your efficiency and the prompt service. Julie P., Wodongan, Victoria Austrailia 10/3/2011

Just wanted to let you know that the pieces I bought arrived today, just as you promised they would. They are much more elegant than I thought they would be from the pictures in your on line catalogue. They are absolutely beautiful. I have a ladies pocket watch that is decorated with small pearls and tiny diamonds that looks spectacular with the pansy watch pin. I can't wait to wear both pieces. Thank you for your help and making such jewelry available to us. Lucille M., Medford, MA 9/15/2011

Today I got my opal pin and I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous. I'll tell you the same thing I told my husband: it's not just beautiful, it's perfect. So few things are truly perfect, but this is! Over a hundred years old, and it is immaculate. The fire is amazing, truly extraordinary for a white opal. Another treasure from the Three Graces! I don't know how you guys keep coming up with them! I'll keep an eye out for the next exquisite treasure that comes down theline! Elara S, Williamsburg, VA 8/15/2011

I had ordered two rings to help decide between them and two other ones from a different company. I decided on the one from Three Graces which I kept. As I told the woman that I spoke to on the phone from Three Graces to get the label to send back that one of the reasons I went with the ring from Three Graces instead of the competitor was because of the friendly no pressure service and ease of trying something and being able to return it. Thank you for your help and I will definitely recommend Three Graces to others. Helen D., Byron Center, MI 8/2/2011

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the ring that my husband bought me from your site; it is just beautiful and your photo was a terrific indication of what it looked like,including on the hand. Really, your site does have the best photos, as I've mentioned previously. I have looked at quite a few other sites selling jewellery and nothing compares. Your photos are really clear, beautifully done and actually provide a good idea of how a particular ring would look on the finger. I hope to shop with you again soon but we won't mention that to my husband just yet! Helen G., Canberra, Austrailia 7/17/2011

I picked up my ring last Friday, and it is much more beautiful in person! Thanks so much for a smooth transaction as well as your care for your customers. I will highly recommend The Three Graces in the future. Dan C., Lebanon, PA 6/29/2011

I opened the box in the California sunlight and the crescent moon gave me a show of flash with all the diamonds twinkling just like the 4th of July! Thank you for choosing such eye candy. I know how lucky I am to receive all this. Rachel K., Los Angeles, CA 6/28/2011

Thank you very much for the dedicated updates on the delivery of my ring order. I did receive it yesterday, as advertised, and my girlfriend was absolutely thrilled to receive it. The first thing she said was actually "It's even more beautiful than in the pictures". I am very inexperienced with antique jewelry shopping and, in fact, jewelry shopping in general. Your website and policies made me feel very comfortable about the experience. I'm pretty sure she would have said yes anyway but finding the perfect ring for her definitely helped my case. Thank you again. Mark M., Louisville, KY 6/11/2011

The ring arrived a little while ago, and I have had to catch my breath!!! It is too gorgeous for words!!!!! I cannot thank you enough!!! Words just do not do justice to your site or the quality of your jewelry, not to mention the care with which you handled my order!!! Jan G., Bowie, TX 6/10/2011

Rhonda, got the beautiful ring today! Words cannot express how pleased I am! Fit perfectly too! Its exactly what I have been looking for!! I just love it! Thank you for all your help.... Tracey G., Bowie, TX 6/9/2011

Nostalgic about vintage French earrings, the darling French opal baby earrings caught my eye. I am delighted that I purchased them. They are adorable and a perfect fit. The opals are amazing with beautiful colors and hues. This is my second purchase with The Three Graces and I can only say that it has been another wonderful experience! All good wishes for continued success. Marina B., San Francisco, CA. 6/6/2011

The lovebirds have landed! Thank you for making this an easy process and for delivering what is, I believe, a tiny treasure. The photographs don't begin to do justice to the level of detail and the loveliness of the brooch. Kirsten M., Alexandria, VA. 5/10/2011

Well, I gave my wife the gem set, enamel flower pendant/brooch on Mother's Day and, after bursting into tears, she said she absolutely loved it! So, I don't believe I will be sending it back. Thanks again for your help and I will be checking back to see what other nice items you have in the future. Eli M., 5/9/2011

I found your company, namely yourself and Lisa, to be particularly helpful and pleasant to conduct business with. I believe I received service which far exceeded my expectations as I initially had many suspicions about conducting such a transaction via the Internet. Thanks again and I will absolutely be recommending your company to friends and family. Tony W., Austin, TX. 4/17/2011

I did receive the aqua ring. It is beautiful. I am very pleased. Thank you for your assistance. Your company is most professional and I will definitely do business with you going forward. Janice C., Geneva, IL. 4/1/2011

I thought I'd let you know that I received my brooch today. I had high expectations for it, in terms of the beauty, quality, and condition, and after seeing it, all I can say is it is fabulous! It's exquisite. I couldn't be happier. The enameling is so fine that even under a loupe it looks like a watercolor painting. Not to mention that after a thorough examination with a loupe I couldn't find the smallest chip or defect. I love it just as much as my swallow brooches, which is saying something. You guys can definitely take that 'sale pending' label off, because there's no way you're getting it back! Elara S., Willaimsburg, VA. 3/24/2011

I've been visiting The Three Graces web site for months, always ending up on the page with the Mexican fire opal ring. This ring just called to me, and finally I decided I had to have it. Now that I'm wearing that ring, I know what a good decision I made. The ring, in person, is even lovelier than your photo. The amazing thing is the ring's size. I believe your description said size 6 1/2. My ring size is larger, but the ring fits perfectly. That's how I know this ring was meant for me. Thank you! Elizabeth P., Livonia, MI. 3/23/11.

I feel very fortunate to have these lovely pieces in my life and for your fair pricing. Both pieces veritably resonate with all the lives they've been in. It's hard to imagine how many other eyes have admired them and the memories they hold. They have clearly been loved as they are both so fine. I will certainly pamper them while they are in my care so they can go on to be cherished for decades to come. Isn't it humbling that a little nut and enameled gold have seen so much of life! If only they could talk! Your policies and customer service (Rhonda is a gem in her own right) made me completely comfortable moving ahead with these purchases. Anything less would have made it much more difficult for me to buy these sight unseen. Particularly as a novice to both time periods and art forms. Beth F., Redwood City, CA. 2/25/11.

The stunning antique Victorian cluster diamond earrings arrived this morning, and they are exactly what I wanted! I have collected a great deal of jewelry over the years and have grown quite wary, in general. It is a delight to purchase from The Three Graces, as I am completely confident that the descriptions are accurate and the antiques are genuine. Your follow up, prompt shipping and beautiful presentation all added to the very positive experience. Thank you! Jody P., Madison, CT. 1/18/11.

I received the ring. It is beautiful. I anticipate my wife will love it when she gets it on Christmas. I appreciate your attentiveness and communication this last week. Thank you for making this purchase easy. I’ll be looking for an antique anniversary ring soon. You will be first on my list. Lance M., Indianapolis, IN, 12/16/10.

I received the deco aquamarine ring today. It is lovely and truly beautiful. I am very pleased with it. As luck would have it... it fits me perfectly as a right hand ring! It's the best gift I've given myself in awhile. Thank you for your prompt service, wonderful merchandise, and honest evaluation of the piece. Best Holiday wishes and continued success. Lisa S., Los Angeles, CA. 12/16/10.

My earrings arrived yesterday and they arejust GORGEOUS! I couldn't be happier with my purchase and also the service I received from you. Many thanks, Sally T., Brisbane, Australia. 9/14/10

Thank you for your prompt, timely, kind and professional services. The engagement and wedding ring set arrived when and how you said it would. The ring set is uniquely beautiful and the sizing is a perfect fit. My now wonderful fiance'e loves it and the ring greatly enhances her graceful hand. I would recomment your collections and services to anyone. Yours truly, Larry P., Quincy, CA. 4/28/10.

Thank you so much for expediting its arrival! I was so excited when it came. The ring is exactly what I wanted and it sparkles beautifully. It's just the right size for my hand and again, I think the graduated stone size makes the ring more elegant than the standard 5 stone ring, where all stones are the same size. I love estate jewelry, so would love to be on your mailing list. I thought your web-site was really well designed and user friendly, and your photos of the jewlery were far sharper and clearer than other sites I looked at. Thanks again for making my 60th birthday special! Sandra W., Williamstown, MA. 4/16/2010.

As soon as my boyfriend and I decided the time was right for an engagement, we began looking for rings together. I knew I wanted a simple, antique gemstone; something one would think would be a relatively easy request to fill. Instead, our ring shopping excursions turned into a stressful disaster. We were told point blank several times such a ring did not exist, and while some places gave us good service, more often than not service completely disappeared after we gave them our limited budget. I was at the point of giving in and purchasing a ring I didn't really love when I found The Three Graces. I was immediately impressed by the company, and after about a month of checking the site each day, my dream ring appeared. I made arrangements to purchase it, and was stunned by the prompt and incredibly wonderful service. Even though our purchase was a modest one for The Three Graces, we were made to feel like the companies most important clients. And when my ring did arrive, it was even more beautiful than I imagine––I am so happy that The Three Graces was here to help me find it! Lauren D., Cork, Ireland. 4/11/10.

I received the bracelet and have worn it for about a week, and I could not be more pleased! Your office manager said it looked more beautiful in person, and this was an understatement. I still catch myself at odd moments of the day looking at it and smiling again, just as I did when I first took it out of the box. It is rare to find something this beautiful and to feel I got a bargain in the process, but I am thrilled in every way possible. Thank you again for taking such care to photograph, prepare and ship this bracelet. It is a gem in every sense of the word. Lisa M., Georgetown, Tx. 02/06/10.

Just a quick note to let you know that The Serpent's Dream ring arrived today and it is very lovely indeed. It fits my ring finger just perfectly. Thank you so much for a wonderful purchasing experience from start to finish.I assure you that this ring is in very good hands -- appreciated, valued, and cherished. As, I type it seems to wink at me from my finger that it agrees. Many thanks and all good wishes for continued success! Marina B., San Francisco, CA. 2/3/10.

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how lovely the two pieces are from your site, The Three Graces.
The comet brooch is delicate and sublime. The agate beckons you to stare back. I love them both. Thank you so much for calling to let me know about their availability. You went out of your way in customer service, I very much appreciate that. Also, your presentation was delightful. It was charming to open a “gift” even though I knew perfectly well what was inside! Lauren B., Williamsville, NY. 2/3/10.

The ring arrived a short while ago. The ring is absolutely beautiful, even more so than it appeared on your website! This is my first purchase of antique jewelry, but I've long wanted to buy an antique piece. However, I was always hesitant to do so online. .. I found myself searching for antique jewelry on Monday. I happened upon your website, and fell in love with this lovely little ring that now adorns my right ring finger...I am exceedingly happy with every aspect of the transaction. The ring is more beautiful than I imagined it, communication was impeccable throughout, the order shipped in record time, and it arrived exceptionally well packaged. I am a very happy customer, and I would not hesitate to do business with you again! Kristin C., Somerset, MA. 12/15/09.

I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of the bronze bulldog. I will be giving it as a gift to my sister for Christmas. I know she will love it. I can't believe the age and condition of the item. It is just lovely. I very much appreciate your attention to detail and customer service. It is so rare to find this today. Please thank everyone on your staff. I look forward to future purchases. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Diana M., Melrose Park, IL. 11/15/09.

I just want to thank The Three Graces for the beautiful Victorian buckle bracelet that I received on Friday. This piece is almost the same as my great grandmother's heirloom that I used to have engraved with her name and dated 1885. I sadly lost this original in the recent Black Saturday Australian bushfires (Feb 7th 2009) along with my home and all belongings. I desperately searched the internet looking for a similar bracelet came across The Three Graces. When I saw the bracelet online my hands started shaking as I had never seen another one so close to what I had lost. Having received it and worn it, it even feels the same. I love it and know that it was probably made by the same jeweller. Who would have thought I could replace an item like that!! Many Thanks. Michele D., St. Andrews, Australia. 09/21/09.

Un grand merci pour ces merveilleux bijoux et ces très belles photos. Je suis ravie de mon achat que j'espère renouveler bientôt. Bien cordialement. (A big thank you for these wonderful jewels and these beautiful photos. I am delighted with my purchase that I hope to return soon. Cordially.) Laurence T., Bretagne, France. 08/27/09.

Your site is filled with beautiful and unique pieces so I had no trouble finding something different from the ordinary to make my own. What I wasn't ready for was the high degree of service and attention to detail on the filling of my order. Lisa and everyone I talked to at The Three Graces was the best; service and decorum that matched the golden age of the piece I purchased. What a rare experience in this day and age... On arrival of my purchase I was again pleasantly surprised; careful and beautiful packaging and documentation-it almost felt like Christmas or my birthday-this confirmed that I would do business with The Three Graces again. And last but not least I received compliment after compliment on the beautiful and unique piece the very first time I wore it. I can't imagine buying the crudel