Quick & easy tips for buying, collecting, and appreciating antique jewelry. 

Georgian rings...did you know that Georgian diamond and gemstone rings are often reproduced to look old? Just as Art Deco jewelry is one of the most frequently reproduced styles that you will find in the marketplace,

Georgian jewelry and especially rings are not far behind. Increasingly difficult to come by, yet their appeal only increases.

Want a hint? Look at the shape of the diamonds or gemstones. If they have round perimeters, they are modern. Easy to spot and a sure sign to ask further questions and dig deeper. Okay, one or two might be replaced. But a professional replacement should utilize old cuts of stones. Look closely for some are partially covered by the setting.

The earlier the era, the more likely the diamonds and gems will each have their own personality. 

It is just one reason why learning how to use a loupe is a must for Georgian jewelry aficionados and collectors. You can buy one for under $25 and practice, a 10x (10 power) is recommended. 

Don't hesitate to ask questions, any reputable dealer will be happy to assist.

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