Catch The Three Graces' in Forbes Magazine in an article by the noted author Beth Bernstein entitled, "Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The Best Heart Motif Jewelry Under $5000". Informative, visually interesting and just plain fun, Beth expounds on some of the history of heart motif jewelry. She even provides hints on how to let a loved know that your preferences for chocolates are "out" and antique or vintage jewelry is decidedly "in". Read the full article here!

Georgian Antique Gold Heart Locket Flowers

Photographs are provided that cover a broad array of heart and love motif jewelry in every shape and size. This antique Georgian period heart locket above from The Three Graces uses a pansy flower in natural pearls, turquoise with a ruby to symbolize "thinking of you". The word in French for thinking is pensez which naturally sounds similar to the word pansy. In all forms, the pansy flower shows up in all forms of jewelry from the 18th and 19th centuries from rings to necklaces and everything in between. In the language of love and friendship, this charming bloom became a secret or discreet symbol of effection. Valentine's Day aside, its a joy to learn about the heart form in jewelry through the ages.