A portion of every purchase you make is donated to charity. The Three Graces continues to donate to fight hunger and need in America and extreme deprivation worldwide. Ever grateful for our ability to continue our family business during these unprecedented and economically pressing times, we continue our pledge to donate a portion of our profits to assist those in need.

The year 2020 will go down as one of historic strife worldwide. Covid 19 has brought untold people, families and children to their knees in terms of even basic necessities including food on the table. With our continued gratitude for being safe, healthy and with the resources to remain in business, we continue our support of several charities.

It is our sincere hope that donating on an ongoing basis to Feeding America, Save the Children, and the Central Texas Food Bank will help make a difference in a few lives. Perhaps others may go to bed with a full stomach and in turn, have a bit more hope to face another day. While we make no mistake that this is a solution, nothing can be accomplished while hungry and with no end in sight. But as support systems falter, our wish is that other resources can and will replace them. 

I personally am exceptionally privileged...never to have gone to bed hungry. I have tried it. To know even for a few minutes what that must be like. Mine was a pale imitation of the real plight. But even that wasn't pleasant, and falling asleep wasn't easy. 

I am ever mindful and grateful for all the bounty I have received in my life. I sincerely thank each and every one of our visitors, customers and friends who allow us a path forward and the ability to maintain and feed my own family and along the way, pass that on to assist a few others.

Lisa Stockhammer-Mial

Owner & President, The Three Graces

*Photo credit © Feeding America.