Are you thinking of popping the question – but uninterested in upholding tradition? These days, many grooms and brides-to-be find creating their own traditions much more important than repeating old ones. If this sounds like you, then you’re well aware that a diamond solitaire – while beautiful – is far from your only option when it comes to an engagement ring. 

Whether your goal is a budget-friendly option that frees up funds for an exotic honeymoon or you simply want to stand out, there are many reasons that people look far beyond the diamond for their perfect antique engagement ring. Breaking tradition isn’t for everyone, of course, but it does allow you to find a fitting style that suits your individual tastes and preferences perfectly. When you open your eyes to the idea of non-diamond engagement rings, you’ll discover endless possibilities.


With hues that range from deep Carribean blue to icy shades that are almost crystalline pure, aquamarine should be on your consider list. Blue shades of gems are one of the more popular in jewelry and this gemstone’s feminine appeal can create a memorable engagement ring. Whatever range of their coloration, aquamarines pair well with white gold or platinum. Whether the setting contains diamond accents or not, it’s a match that harmonizes. Looking for a filigree white gold setting? Aquamarine can be an optimal go with. Some with less saturated color also satisfy the balance between forgoing a diamond and yet nearing the cool color palette of a more traditional all-diamond ring.


When you think of green, you probably think of emeralds – but these are just one of the many stones that come in lovely green hues. Consider tourmaline, an exceptionally beautiful mineral that comes in a wide variety of colors including chrome green, teal blue, deep purple, pink, orange, yellow, red, an more. Consider a purple majesty tourmaline solitaire ring, a regal option that’s plum-colored and rich in class and beauty. This ring features gentle V prongs, tapered sides, and a silken gold feel you’ll cherish for years to come. It takes its cues from a Tiffany solitaire ring, yet mixes it up for an entirely new feel.


Amethyst is an often-overlooked option when it comes to rings, but it is a gemstone that is truly exquisite. Its regal purple color in a classic rose gold setting has a unique and flashy look perfect for a modern glam bride. Or, you can mix in a bit of tradition with a beautiful antique rose cut amethyst diamond ring, featuring a sparkling diamond set right into a large oval amethyst. This ring is exceptionally brilliant with a special cut that makes it refractive of various shades of grape, wisteria, and mauve.  Blending an amethyst with a pavé set mounting creates a romantic and inspiring look.


A lovely blue, pink, or yellow sapphire can be the perfect choice when it comes to proposing to someone who isn’t big on conventions. Numerous celebrities have been seen in recent years sporting blue stones, possibly pointing to a new trend in engagement rings. You might choose a ring that showcases a simple sapphire solitaire, or you might go for something a little more glamorous such as this blue moonstone sapphire halo ring. This ring is strikingly large and luscious, featuring an oval blue moonstone surrounded by 16 faceted dark blue sapphires and set in 14K yellow gold. Don’t forget that sapphires can radiate light and color and also come in hot pinks or knock out purples, teal blue and an endless variety of colors to suit your individuality. Want to mix some classic with some cutting edge? Try a three stone ring set with a hot pink sapphire and diamonds.


A ruby engagement ring is an incredibly romantic option that offers a wide variety of settings and styles. Ruby is July’s birthstone, so it’s an especially great choice if your spouse-to-be was born then, but it’s a beautiful option for anyone who wants to make a statement with their engagement ring. Consider our vintage red ruby diamond star ring, a star-shaped diamond ring featuring a true ruby-red stone in the center. This ring will delight the most discerning bride.

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Spinels are the up and coming gemstone but with a long and important history. Many may not have heard of this superbly enchanting gemstones but it’s one to put on your short list. Also another gemstone with a rainbow of color options, it is durable and when well cut, can sing and glitter with the best of them. Long ago, red spinel was mistaken for ruby, and many of royal cache house some some pretty astounding jewelry that has now been identified as spinel rather than ruby. For its refraction and color choice, its one to ponder. Here is an example of a violet purple cluster or halo ring with a twist that lights up the finger.