All We Can Do

Posted on Mar 25, '20

The Three Graces Donating to Charities

for COVID-19 to Battle Hunger

10% of Net Profits for 6 Months 

Effective immediately, 10% of The Three Graces’ net profits for the next 6 months will be donated to the two charities for children listed below. Yes, it is a drop in the bucket of what seems to be an overwhelming situation worldwide. But droplets, slowly fill buckets, that can make a difference.

In times such as these, we all know how easy it is to feel isolated, stressed, worried and a variety of emotions related to the uncertainty of the future. Not knowing can be our mind's worst enemy.

Actions, no matter how small, can help dispel some of that power of fear. Calling or Skyping a friend, sending a funny video or meme, passing along an inspiring story, sending a text, seemingly insignificant acts can still bring a smile to someone struggling that day. Many of these humorous or poignant tidbits are circulating throughout the web and on social media, pass one along. 

In addition, positive acts that are carried out by individuals and organizations are being documented by the media everyday. Inspiring, heart-rending, unselfish acts at all levels attest to the power of our human spirit and generosity. Banding together is as deep within us as talking and communicating.

Some of those most at risk are the underprivileged and in particular children. Having no school lunch may mean no food at all for that day. In light of this, The Three Graces is and will donate to two charities. One is Feeding America and the other is Save the Children. Both have special programs to fight hunger related to Covid-19 as well as ongoing efforts to feed those in need. 

Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams via Save the Children have also started @savewithstories more about this. Reading stories and books to children via the internet. Since many little ones are no longer in school, this is a way to provide fun, education and positive activities for them, and of course for parents dealing with long hours where children are now at home.

Stay strong, remain positive and know this will pass and we will endure.