Sloan & Co. Signs of the Zodiac Jewelry

In the early 1900s the famous Newark jewelry design firm, Sloan & Co., created a series of twelve pendants or lockets with each sign of the Zodiac. From Aquarius to Capricorn each is a work of art unto itself. The Three Graces has been fortunate to obtain a small collection. Learn more about these vintage pieces by clicking the title above.

Adored or shunned, these enigmatic jewels never fail to elicit an emotional response. The Georgian period was a time where objects of beauty were admired not only for their esthetic appeal, but were enhanced by deeper meaning, sentiment and symbolism. In particular, Lover's Eyes first became popular as a symbol of a person’s secret loved one or admirer. Click Title for More....


Most of us know that plainum, gold and gemstones are mined and come from the ground. Its also a fact that most are formed long ago in the earth's crust. But an amazing collision of two neutron stars highlights the true origins of precious metals. 

Read this fascinating story in "New York Times" on this recent discovery then look down at the ring on your finger, or the pendant on your neck and marvel.

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Image © The New York Times

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