Estate Jewelry

Our unmatched diamond estate jewelry for sale is authentic and is hand picked from travels far and wide. One of specialties clearly rests in the area of estate diamond rings and antique gemstone rings. Supremely passionate about every aspect of our jewelry collections and the services offered, our mission is a simple one, the golden rule. Treat others as we wish to be treated. From our array of jewelry, choose from the most captivating estate pieces available today. Only those in the finest of condition, with unparalleled artistry, and painstaking craftsmanship meet our exacting standards. You know you are purchasing the best estate fine jewelry when you buy from The Three Graces. Why is estate jewelry so special? First, often the quality and workmanship surpass today's mass produced, cookie cutter jewelry. In addition, the aura and feel of a real piece of estate jewelry registers clear and unmistakable. The aesthetics are well thought out and the masterful creation of the jewelry is evident to the beholder and the wearer. Buying a rare piece of estate jewelry, a diamond ring, or even a gemstone pendant allays all ethical concerns that may linger in the contemporary jewelry world. The Three Graces ensures that each piece for sale is free of the burden of human rights issues, such as diamonds that entail conflict as well as eliminating concerns for our natural resources. Pieces can be bestowed as a gift or as a present to oneself with a clear conscience focusing on the beauty and sentiment of the piece. Our mother earth breathes a sigh of relief with upcycled jewelry as the most elegant of demonstrations of use and reuse. Everyone wishes to ensure that what they are purchasing has value above and beyond the bling. Estate jewelry consistently maintains its value no matter the economic ebbs and flows.