Antique Engagement Rings Over $5000

For expensive diamond engagement rings browse our extensive collections. Unique choices include over 1 carat diamonds, and those such as 2 and 3 carat sizes. Unique cuts such as Asscher cut diamonds, cushion cuts, old mine cuts, old European diamonds are all within reach. All of our luxury engagement rings are certified and come with a full appraisal. A breathtaking array of choices in antique, vintage and estate engagement rings awaits.
Ardor - Diamond Engagement Ring of 1915
$5,950 USD Sale! $5,355 USD
Colombian Emerald Diamond Ring
$15,450 USD Sale! $12,345 USD
Fine Old European Diamond Trilogy Ring
$5,450 USD Sale! $4,905 USD
Artistry - Hexagon Diamond Platinum Ring
$8,750 USD Sale! $7,875 USD
No Heat Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring
$8,450 USD Sale! $7,605 USD
Fascinante - Colombian Emerald Diamond Ring
$13,500 USD Sale! $11,475 USD
Ruby Diamond Oval Rose Gold Cluster Ring
$8,500 USD Sale! $7,650 USD